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Unit 1

Lesson 1

splendid ethnic liquid impulse

Lesson 2 - Long Vowels

bait peach bride prime
globe grove slope slice
roast spike stroke praise
squeeze breather gross thigh

Lesson 3 - Variant Vowels

count county salt cross
shout youth amount pounds
mountain thousands proof crawled
account launched rumors saucer

Lesson 4 - Vowels Before "r"

roar apart reward worse
turtle nightmare burnt curb
purse declare scarce inserts
sparkling source nervous warrant

Lesson 5 - Unit Review

No Test!

Unit 2

Lesson 6 - Other Vowel Spellings

busy among building young
enough though straight rough
courage eighth system although
sleigh boulder biscuit dough

Lesson 7 - Words with "ie" and "ei"

boyfriend girlfriend mischief pier
freight foreign receive receiver
belief relief weighed reins
fierce heights thieves achieve

Lesson 8 - Compound Words

greenhouse seashore fireworks fun-loving
New Year fairy tales bedtime cupboard
upright teenager thunderstorm barefoot
middle-class middle-aged bodyguard so-called

Lesson 9 - Homophones

week weak steel steal
grown groan guest guessed
creek creak weather whether
sore soar stake steak

Lesson 10 - Easily Confused Words

later latter except accept
angle angel costume custom
affect effect adopt adapt
device devise decent descent

Lesson 11 - Unit 2 Review

No Test!

Unit 3

Lesson 12 - Changing "y" to "i"

cities mummies supplies families
varied centuries colonies applies
occupied identified enemies activities
denied allied industries qualified

Lesson 13 - Unstressed Endings

reader speaker layer American
beaten musical rotten German
Indian Roman explorers stretcher
critical criminal political original

Lesson 14 - VC/CV Words

pillow indeed monster fifteen
escape gotten velvet engine
insist admire index intense
further frantic convince instinct

Lesson 15 - v/CV Words

Friday apron motive meter
agent evil local eager
famous fiber razor vital
rival basis cheetah scenic

Lesson 16 - Adding -ed and -ing

lifted cooling pointed returned
speaking spelling wondered bragged
healed scrubbed answered threatened
admitted committed referring preferred

Lesson 17 - Unit 3 Review

No Test

Unit 4

Lesson 18 - Noun Suffix

importance entrance difference independence
insurance conference ambulance absence
instance audience allowance intelligence
assurance appearance obedience presence

Lesson 19 - Noun Suffixes -ship, -ment, -ity

statement friendship leadership partnership
activity ability argument personality
electricity championship community majority
responsibility curiosity necessity authority

Lesson 20 - Prefixes

appointed accident affair assembly
approach accuse applause affection
accompany assign appreciate accurate
association apparent accustomed assistance

Lesson 21 - Prefixes -com and -con

conviction commanded commonly considered
continued commander commit constitution
confusing commence commotion commercial
communicate communities communication committee

Lesson 22 - Unstressed Ending -ant/-ent

absent important current president
elephant confident instant element
servant excellent opponent permanent
assistant innocent significant sufficient

Lesson 23 - Unit 4 Review

No Test!

Unit 5

Lesson 24 - More VCV Words

prison linen palace climate
talent novel treason comic
profit token weapon gopher
pleasant siren frigid spiral

Lesson 25 - Mixed Spelling Patterns

banner platform hotel funnel
habit display clever gather
empty chaos suspense Saturn
oval orphan fatal crystal

Lesson 26 - Unusual Plurals

goldfish trout moose cactus
media fungi bacteria stimulus
stimuli larvae radius nucleus
nuclei species salmon hippopotamus

Lesson 27 - Adjective Suffixes -ive, -ous

positive attractive effective various
curious tremendous enormous obvious
delicious mysterious executive creative
fabulous legislative negative sensitive

Lesson 28 - Words with Prefixes and Suffixes

unlikely repayment reaction replacement
unpredictable disagreement renewal unemployment
unexpectedly unfortunately unusually reproduction
reconstruction disagreeable unsuccessful uncomfortable

Lesson 29 - Unit 5 Review

palace salmon profit delicious
banner attractive crystal replacement
radius pleasant curious clever
talent enormous species bacteria
fungi unpredictable unsuccessful disagreement
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Unit 6

Lesson 30 - Suffixes in Combination

carefully ownership faithfully peacefully
wonderfully thoughtfully relationship respectively
naturally nervously gracefully actively
joyfully beautifully successfully accidentally

Lesson 31 - Prefixes -in, -im, -il, -ir

incomplete informal incorrect independent
illegal impolite impossible invisible
irregular inexpensive impure inability
impatient indigestion indefinite incredible

Lesson 32 - Latin Roots -scrib-, -script-, -spect-

inspect suspect scribe script
descriptive description prescribed inspector
spectacle spectacular scribbled inscription
subscription spectrum spectators transcripts

Lesson 33 - Latin Roots -rupt-, -ject-

objected projected objections projections
erupt abrupt bankrupt inject
disrupting disruption eject reject
rejected rupture corrupt interrupt

Lesson 34 - Unit 6 Review

No Test!
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